Terembry Farm, Sumerduck Virginia

Today we are highlighting Terembry Farm, home of the only local Project Non-GMO verified eggs.

For a little background- my family eats a lot of eggs. When I say a lot, I mean usually a minimum of four dozen eggs per week. We use them in baking, shakes, breakfasts and so much more. Needless to say, we feel that the source of our eggs is pretty important. On one of our weekly visits to the Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market this past year, we were on the hunt for a good egg producer and came across Sharon, owner of Terembry Farm. While she was completely sold out of her eggs, as she often was at Market weekends, she assured us if we arrived early the following weekend we might be in luck. Indeed we were in luck and bought a few dozen eggs from her and my family was in love. One morning my daughter’s best friend was over for breakfast and said “wow Mrs. Craddock, your scrambled eggs are SO good.” Well, I replied… “it’s not me, it’s the eggs!”

We are very excited to be able to offer Fredericksburg a regular source for Terembry Farm’s verified Non-GMO Project eggs. We love them and hope you will too!

Terembry Farm brochure (2)


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