Simply True, King George Virginia

Today we are highlighting Simply True from King George, Va. I met owner Gail at our local networking group, Fredexchange a few chickpeassimplytruemonths ago as I was working on bringing in some new snack vendors. She had been perfecting a few flavors of her chickpea snacks and brought them to sample at a morning meeting. People immediately fell in love with her delicious offerings which has had her scrambling to get them from samples to products ready for your pantry. Simply True offers unique and  “no-junk” snacks perfect to grab and go without compromising nutrition and taste. We are exciting to be offering Simply True! Thanks Gail!

From Simply True: 

It began with our family’s journey to eat True foods; food the way it was grown and intended to be consumed. We began focusing more on the ingredients themselves and reading labels which was a scary, eye opening experience! As a Scientist, I realized that a lot of what we were putting into our bodies were the same chemicals I used in the lab. YIKES! How could the perception of what we need to eat for fuel, turn into something that is barely food at all? The craze of fat-free and low calorie or even low carb has changed the mindset of eat to live to live to eat. I began making food for my family and was quickly reminded by my husband and daughter that they missed having snacks. Though there were countless things they could munch on, the gratification that came from a good bag of chips or other snacky food just wasn’t there. After many…many…many days in the kitchen, the roasted chick pea was born. Trying out different methods and flavors, we finally made the perfect snack. Crunchy and full of flavor, roasted chickpeas hit the mark!

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