Whole Foods Cost Saving- Chicken Quartering Weds 4/21 6:00-7:00pm


Registration fee includes demonstration and hands-on instruction on quartering a whole chicken, as well as lecture, discussion and more. Cost of your own chicken from local grower also included. $40

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September 23rd, 4-5pm

So you want to buy your meats locally, but man, can they be pricey! We often tell people there are a number of ways to reduce overall food costs, especially when purchasing from your local market (like ours!) and our awesome local farms. Buy whole birds and quartering your chickens yourself is a big money saver.

During this class we will talk about why buying locally makes a difference to our community, agriculture and environment as well as your own nutrition. We will discuss a play by play on the cost per pound of your chicken buying whole birds and of course, you will be parting your own chicken.

Class cost includes, lecture, discussion and your locally raised chicken, you will part and take with you!

Cost $40



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