2F Kombucha: The Secret to Getting Bubbly + Diagnostics


Learn how to get your kombucha bubbly, flavorful and delicious!

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Having trouble getting that fabulous GT’s quality to your homebrew Kombucha? Concerned your SCOBY looks a little strange? Then this class is for you! Come to Kickshaw’s Downtown Market on Tuesday, March 27th, for 2F Kombucha: The Secret to Getting Bubbly + Diagnostics!

Learn how to:

– get that natural fizz,
– easily flavor your booch,
– reliably create GINGER KOMBUCHA every time,
– create Chia Seed Kombucha,
– wean your SCOBY onto different teas and sugars, and
– determine the cause of common homebrew issues.
Tickets include Class instruction on topics listed above, plus samples and extensive Q&A time. Option to purchase getBUBBLY 2F Kits. Please bring your SCOBY questions, or even your homebrew jar if necessary!

Instructor Kellie Jordan:
I am a farmers market junkie & fermentista of magical proportions. As a dedicated mother of three empowered to craft the nutrition and well-being of my family, I was inspired by Hippocrates’ famous statement, “Let Food be thy Medicine.”
This became my kitchen invocation and guiding principle as I experimented with delicious cultured condiments and beverages, and eventually, fully healing meal plans.
getBUBBLY, my ferments company, emerged from a desire to share my passion for locally sourced foods and to support farmers and suppliers committed to ethical and sustainable farming practices. I love playing with traditional whole foods and ferments, and sharing in DIY fun!
I hope to inspire you to see food as your medicine, and empower you with the tools and knowledge to get bubbly in your kitchen!


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