Kickshaws Online Market Opening Soon!

What’s Going On?

Many, many people have been wondering what the progress on Kickshaws Downtown Market is and when it’s actually going to get moving. For the last several months we have been working very hard to talk with people in the community, find your needs and build our plans to be able to meet those needs. In all this we have found that there is an absolute certain- Fredericksburg wants Kickshaws.

This past weekend I was incredibly pleased to be able to attend the Fredericksburg Startup Weekend hosted by FredXchange. I was able to work on an awesome team with folks launching an online community farmer’s market called Squash Cart. I worked to help promote them through social media and through the city (via apples and oranges). If you took an apple or an orange from a couple of ladies downtown this past weekend, chances are you met me.

yikesMoving into the past weekend’s event, we had been at a standstill on how to actually progrss with Kickshaws. Brandi and I have amazing plans for what we want to offer to Fredericksburg but, with great and big plans comes money. While we have charisma, drive and charm in spades, money we do not. The last several months we have spent talking with business owners, potential investors and looking for funding sources, with very little progress. Unlike those huge retail stores who in many cases are subsidized by local government to attract them to develop in their area, Kickshaws does not have that kind of support. This is where we have been treading water.

While our plans were not chosen in the pitches to develop over the weekend, I was able to network and discuss our business plans with some of the most amazing people with years and years of experience. Within the weekend’s work, judging of the teams and then talking to the coaches and judges afterwards, I made some harsh but necessary realizations about Kickshaws. Ours plans will have to change.

So where does this leave us? Fredericksburg, don’t distress. This entrepreneurial realization does not mean that Kickshaws is not going to happen. We do actually have a plan as to how we are going to progress and it takes everyone’s support and input.

So, you ask- “what’s the game plan?” Well, here it is:

Kickshaws Downtown Market is developing an exciting and convenient organic/natural home delivery service. It will be as easy as setting up an account, shopping in the online store, paying and scheduling your delivery day. Working? We can deliver items to you work for you! (within the Fredericksburg, Spotsy, Stafford areas) It will be Kickshaws Downtown Market, at your doorstep. We will set up delivery regions (ie Fredericksburg City, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford) with home delivery days.

We hope to develop this Online Market over the next 6-9 months to reach all those in our area who are looking for products that they cannot get locally in this region and some of the amazing locally produced products as well. We are looking at items like bulk raw organic nuts, good quality nut and gluten-free flours, organic and good quality nut butters, etc. The diversity of the products is going to depend largely on our surveys over the next month.  We need to know what you NEED in order to make this happen. (please compete the survey t help us out!)

In the meantime (while the site is developing and starting to meet local needs for products), we are working on the next steps- actual retail locations. We are considering a few options to eventually make these retail locations a reality. While we haven’t fixed on a specific plan yet, we are working towards getting there. Your community support is absolutely essential to reaching this point. Kickshaws is a COMMUNITY market, we need our community make this happen.

What can I do?

So all this talk… what is it that you need to do to help? We, by far, more than anything, need your feedback to begin with. We are SurveyTimeadministering a few surveys over the next month and need to reach as many people in the region as possible. The first survey is linked below so please share this page and the survey with as many people as possible. Next, as we develop the Online Market, we need to know what you need (also part of the survey) and participation in the market to get us going. The only way that we will get to the next step is to start at ground zero which is the Kickshaws Online Market and home delivery.

While we can’t promise you that your local organic and natural grocer is going to be on your corner in a few short months, we can promise that we are working hard to make it happen and will continue to be committed to our local community. We thank you for your continued support and help making Kickshaws Downtown Market a reality.

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