Ark of Taste

A New Distinction in Food

Over the last several months I have had the opportunity to participate in a few events thatark-of-taste highlight “Ark of Taste” foods and products. I admit, for a while I was totally unfamiliar with the term as I am sure many people are. Simply put, Ark of Taste is a catalog of foods that are on the brink of extinction that we are trying to preserve. Think Noah’s Ark and the animals two-by-two, same idea here, we are creating a list of foods that need to be put on the Ark to allow them to continue to be grown, harvested and enjoyed for generations to come.

What is the purpose of Ark of Taste?

Sure, having a list is great but how does that lead to preservation of certain foods? The Ark of Taste catalog serves as a resource for farmers, ranchers, fishers, chefs, grocers, educators and consumers. By finding these products in the Ark, we can then discover and promote them to save them from extinction. For us, at Kickshaws Downtown Market, that means carrying products that carry the Ark of Taste distinction to help maintain that food but also educate others about them.

How can you help?

There are a few ways that you can help the Ark of Taste

  1. Explore the Ark of Taste Catalog.

Do you see items that you can find locally from local farmers or even produce yourself in your area? Search for them, try them, and share them! By doing this you are helping to preserve these foods.

  1. Nominate an item to the Ark of Taste.

Is there a food that your family has passed down recipes for through generations? Have you ever talked to a cook or chef about an ingredients and never been able to find it? Is there an artisanal food you know that isn’t too common but has a rich history? Nominate it to the Ark!

  1. Donate

Slow Food USA works hard to help share and educate people nationwide about local, artisanal, heritage and rare breeds and foods. Help by donating to Slow Food USA to keep these rich traditions moving forward.


For more information about Slow Food USA visit their site.

To learn more about the Arch of Taste browse the catalogue and watch this video.


– Kathy

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