Why Natural, Organic, Local?

What’s the difference?

Today, we have many food choices and sources to get that food. But what foods are really best for us? Do we have to go broke eating USDA Organic or can you get by with conventional? If we eat conventional, are there foods that are better USDA Organic and not so bad if we eat conventional? What is conventional anyways?

USDA Organic

Everyone sees the label for USDA Organic foods. It’s our “gold standard” of natural, healthy foods, right? USDA Organic is good, but is it always better than some of our other food options? Not necessarily.usda-organic-logo-300x262
USDA Organic certification is a very lengthy and expensive process. Many producers forego certifying USDA Organic to be able to really put that money back into their farms and businesses. The standards for a USDA products are rigid, but not necessarily exactly what the consumer may think it is. See USDA Standards here.

Consequently, many farmers and ranchers use natural, chemical, hormone and GMO-free practices who are not certified USDA Organic. The bottom line is that we all really need to rethink how we look at food, how it’s grown and where it comes from. Many of us see the grocery store the “normal” way to source our foods. But our foods come from the lands around us, and supporting that local agriculture helps not just those business thrive, but can be a healthier option for us and our environment.

Natural and Local Foods:

farmAt Kickshaws we are committed to not only bringing you the best natural and local products, but being accountable for how those products were produced and what they contain. Because many of our products come from businesses, farms and ranches right here in Virginia, we can assure quality through farm visits and product assurance programs. If you walk into Kickshaws, you can ask any staff member about the details of a product that we carry and know where it was produced, how and what was used in its processing. Because we strive to support our local community and agriculture, not all of our products are USDA Organic certified, but we can assure you from the farm to your table that they are indeed naturally and organically produced. This means you can be certain that no product in our market contains chemicals, GMOs, hormones or unnecessary additives.